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I  am Rima Leipuvienė, Ceramics Artist based in Vilnius, Lithuania. I create sculptural high-fired unique artistic ceramic pieces. Welcome to my personal page. Please take a minute to get acquainted with my creative path, art, exhibitions and other projects. You can always find my works at Dusetų art gallery in Dusetos, Lithuania.

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Artist Statement

When creating, I am guided by intuition, spontaneity, I give priority and importance to the material itself (chamotte), and I consider the aesthetic principles of the Eastern ceramic traditions (naturalness, emptiness, harmony with nature, balance violation, simplicity, harsh grandeur etc.). 


In ceramics, I am inspired by the primordial state of the clay material, which I want to reveal in different ways, such as leaving traces of clay motion extracted during the transformation, textures, irregularities, and so on. Thus, in my ceramic works I reveal a lot of materiality and textures. 

When creating, I remain true to my values. In the works I try to convey movement, vitality, asymmetry, and I demonstrate the original natural beauty of the selected materials. Sometimes that movement is barely perceptible, implied and given to the ceramic works with sufficient subtlety – violating the usual inherent stability of form and discovering a new variant of balance. In this way, I try to give the work a feeling of “floating” in space. I am very happy if massive work can suddenly gain lightness and seem to soar in the space.


All glazes used for the works are original, non-commercial, and made of various natural components: low-fire clays, rocks, and wood ash. Additionally, I use some pigments. All the works were fired at a high temperature (1300 °C). 


My creation is based on a spontaneous flow of creative flight, in which there is a movement in two directions: I surf through emotional experiences, the ideas that arise from it, and I try to express them in forms. Sometimes the action goes the opposite way. When I listen to the material, the forms that want to tell me something are born as if by themselves... A new, original, and unseen expression of form is more important to me than the meticulous completeness of the work and the decoration of the details. The works develop on the “chain principle”: when one idea is implemented, another emerges from it. In this creative process, guided by intuition, I travel through philosophical reflections and knowledge of myself and the world. Therefore, I say that creation is every time a new self-discovery and extension.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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