Photo by Vytas Nomadas

I enjoy creating quiet beauty while exploring high-fired clays and self-made glazes. 

My aim is to turn static ceramics into dynamic – to capture its transformation, movement, to render power and direction. I find it crucial to endeavour to transfer a drop of life and the flow of energy to my ceramics. Harmony with nature is my intention. Deep sensation of nature and the manifestation of impressions in ceramics came naturally from my young days and now, as I enjoy spending much time in wild nature. Hence, my works reflect natural objects – as if weathered tree trunks in a swamp of a Lithuanian forest, as if moss-covered stones. My ceramics radiate the peace of nature, longevity and old times, inviting to stop for a short while. Movement and peace intertwine, rendering a more intricate and interesting context to my works.

My creation rests on the traditions and philosophy of the Eastern ceramic culture. I resorted to the techniques of Japanese masters and drew inspiration from their concepts of aesthetics.

By admiring the unique properties of clay, I try to unravel its beauty, surface and texture capacities, and to give the impression of wear and tear or natural ageing. As an expression of my support to the Japanese aesthetics philosophy, wabi-sabi, I try to maintain the balance between the perfect mastering of techniques and the beauty that lies in the highlights of imperfection, to succumb to spontaneity. Exceptionality, irregular, interesting shapes, asymmetry, freedom, energy are my key values which I try to convey in my artistic works.

Studio potter, ceramic artist

Rima Leipuvienė

Artist statement

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